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The Weekly Marilyn Roundup: October 7, 2016

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George Barris with Marilyn on her 36th birthday.

George Barris with Marilyn on her 36th birthday, June 1, 1962.

Another week gone by and a sad one on the Marilyn community.  The biggest news of the week was the announcement of the passing of Marilyn photographer George Barris.  Known for his photos of Marilyn in the last weeks of her life, George Barris was a well-known figure among Marilyn fans and a frequent guest at Marilyn events in Los Angeles.  Marilyn fans around the world mourned his passing and celebrated his life and work.  Thanks for the memories, George.


A lock of Marilyn’s hair from the collection of Frieda Hull sold at auction for nearly $40,000.  The winner of the auction was Remi Gangarossa, from Chicago, a big Marilyn fan.  The sale comes ahead of Julien’s huge November auction featuring the biggest collection of Marilyn items to hit the block since the Christie’s auction in 1999.


Legendary actor Warren Beatty decided, for some unknown reason, to join the ranks of those claiming to have seen or spent time with Marilyn in the last day of her life.  Beatty stated in an interview that he walked with Marilyn on the beach on the night before her death outside Peter Lawford’s estate in Santa Monica.  Unfortunately, there’s not a shred of truth to Beatty’s tale, as Marilyn wasn’t at Lawford’s place that night, and Beatty’s claim that she was tipsy from champagne goes directly against the toxicology report that showed no alcohol in Marilyn’s system when she died.  Why, Warren, Why?


Marilyn won’t be a part of NBC’s new time-travel series, Timeless.  According to TVLine, while they do plan to use actors to represent famous figures of the past, they vetoed doing an episode featuring Marilyn.  Producers decided it’s just too difficult to find a convincing Marilyn for the screen, something with which many Marilyn fans will agree.  The show will feature actors playing Frank Sinatra and John F. Kennedy, however.


And rounding up the news for this week – the Marilyn exhibition in Amsterdam featuring the collection of Ted Stampfer opened in October 1st.  The book associated with the exhibition was due for release on October 4th, but so far still appears to be unavailable…hopefully soon!

In Memorium: Marilyn Photographer George Barris Has Passed Away

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In hindsight, his photos of Marilyn as the sun set on Santa Monica Beach in July of 1962 stand as a metaphor for the sun setting on her life; within weeks of George Barris’ beach shoot, Marilyn’s life came to a too-soon end.  And today the Marilyn world mourns the passing of the man behind the lens.

Barris’ daughter Caroline confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that George, who was a familiar face at Marilyn memorials year after year, passed away on September 30th at the age of 94.

George Barris with Marilyn on her 36th birthday.

George Barris with Marilyn on her 36th birthday.

George was present on the set of Something’s Got to Give on June 1, 1962 for Marilyn’s 36th and final birthday, and what would also be her final day on a movie set.  He photographed Marilyn in the home of a friend, in a borrowed car high in the hills, and then, finally, on Santa Monica Beach as the wind blew her hair and she danced in the waves.  His conversations with her would later be recorded in the book Marilyn: Her Life in Her Own Words, which has become a frequently-quoted source of Marilyn’s own thoughts and views on fame and her life.

Known mainly for his photos of Marilyn in the last weeks of her life, George Barris also photographed many other Hollywood stars, including Elizabeth Taylor, Steve McQueen, Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra, and Clark Gable.  His career also included service in WWII and the position of Eisenhower’s personal photographer in 1945 for the Victory Parade.

George Barris signs a book for IM member Kim Smith in 2002.

George Barris signs a book for IM member Kim Smith in 2002.

George Barris attended many Marilyn memorials and events and was one of the most accessible of Marilyn’s photographers to fans from around the world.  He spoke frequently at the Memorial service held at Westwood and signed books and photos for fans at public and private events.  Immortal Marilyn was honoured to have him present at several of our own events.

George leaves behind his daughter Caroline, who was also a frequent presence at Marilyn events, another daughter Stephanie, his wife Carla, and legions of Marilyn Monroe fans who have spent nearly 55 years appreciating his work and his willingness to lend us his ear and tell us his stories of that summer of 1962.

Rest in peace and say hi to Marilyn, George.

The Weekly Marilyn Roundup: September 30th, 2016

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Welcome to IM’s weekly roundup of all that’s been going on in the Marilyn world this past week!


Last week the Marilyn world was gearing up for the exhibiting of the Happy Birthday Mr. President dress for the first time since 1999, when Christie’s exhibited it as part of the auction of Marilyn’s estate.  The Whoopi Goldberg-curated exhibit at MANA New Jersey did in fact open its doors on Sunday, drawing Marilyn fans to see the famous dress.  Special thanks to IM member Melissa Campo, who was present at the opening of the exhibit, for these shots of the dress and of Marilyn’s art on display.

The MANA exhibit continues through October 22nd.


You may have seen a new report making the rounds alleging that a new letter has been discovered proving an affair between Marliyn and RFK.  Nothing like a salacious headline, but it isn’t true.  There’s nothing new in that letter and nothing scandalous either – check out Marijane Gray’s comprehensive response here on  And do feel free to share whenever you see that story being spread!


Looking for new digs?  A New York home formerly owned by Milton Greene has come up for rent; Marilyn was a frequent visitor here during the Marilyn Monroe Productions years.  It can be yours (well, to rent anyway) for the low, low price of only $26,000 per month! Nice life if you can afford it!  Maybe better to save the cash for the upcoming Julien’s auction, $26k could buy something nice.


That’s it for this week’s roundup…have a great week Marilyn fans!

Leslie Kasperowicz


Marilyn Monroe and Bobby Kennedy: “Convincing” Evidence Not So Convincing

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On September 27, 2016, The Telegraph ran a story about an interesting item consigned to the upcoming sale of Marilyn Monroe items at Julien’s Auctions in November. The item is a letter from Jean Kennedy Smith, younger sister of John and Bobby Kennedy written to Marilyn sometime in 1962. It first surfaced at an auction at the Odyssey Gallery in Hollywood back in 1994. The Telegraph quotes part of the letter as such:

  “Understand that you and Bobby are the new item! We all think you should come with him when he comes back East!”

It’s an interesting piece of Monroe ephemera, but naturally The Telegraph uses insinuations and speculation to imply that those two lines infer far more than they actually do. Martin Nolan, executive director of Julien’s Auctions, goes a step further and turns rumor into a declarative statement by saying

   “There’s always speculation about her relationship with the Kennedys. This speaks to the fact that there was in fact a relationship between Bobby Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe.”

Other sources that have picked up the story have called it ‘definitive proof’ and ‘convincing evidence’ of an affair between the actress and the attorney general.

So is this true? Is the letter from Jean Kennedy Smith ”proof” of something intimate going on between Marilyn and Bobby? Or is it just more tabloid fodder being repeated in the hopes of drumming up more publicity and interest in the sale?

Before getting into the letter and the context it was written, first we must look at the facts of the relationship of Marilyn Monroe and Robert Kennedy.

Marilyn met Bobby Kennedy for the first time on February 1, 1962 at a dinner party at the home of Pat and Peter Lawford.  The next day,February 2, she wrote letter to her former father in law Isadore Miller and her stepson Bobby Miller about the evening:


We must ask ourselves: if something inappropriate had occurred that evening, at a dinner party full of guests that included Bobby’s family members, if an illicit affair was beginning, would Marilyn really be writing about it to the father in law and stepson that she adored?

Receipt showing Marilyn took a limo home.

Receipt showing Marilyn took a limo home.

Some have suggested that at the dinner party Marilyn became drunk and needed a ride home, which Bobby obliged to. However, Marilyn’s limo receipt from the evening, showing that she arrived at the party at 8 p.m. and was returned home by her regular driver  Rudy Kautsky at 3 a.m., proves that assertion is false.
So when did Marilyn and Bobby meet up again? There is no evidence supporting them seeing one another until May 19, 1962, when Marilyn famously sang Happy Birthday to President Kennedy at Madison Square Garden. That evening she proudly escorted Isadore Miller to the gala and by all accounts doted on him all evening, saw him home, and then returned to her apartment at 4 a.m., where she had her masseuse Ralph Roberts waiting to give her a massage until she fell asleep.
A telegram from Marilyn declining an invitation from Robert and Ethel Kennedy.

A telegram from Marilyn declining an invitation from Robert and Ethel Kennedy.

In early June, Marilyn was invited to a party to honor Pat and Peter Lawford by both Bobby and his wife Ethel. On June 13, Marilyn sent a telegram declining the invitation addressed to “Attorney General and Mrs. Robert F. Kennedy”.  It seems rather implausible that had there been some sort of affair going on that Bobby and his wife would be inviting Marilyn to a family function.

Some biographers have stated that Marilyn and Bobby met again at the Lawford’s home on June 26, 1962. However, as the schedule of the Attorney General is well documented and his whereabouts reported in the press, we can show that they did not meet on that day either. An article from the Chicago Tribune reports that Bobby had flown into the windy city from Detroit late in the day on the 25th to attend a  conference. It then reported that on Tuesday, June 26, the day he was supposedly with Marilyn Monroe, he was having breakfast with Chicago’s mayor before heading out to Denver that afternoon. Even more discrediting of a June 26 tryst with Marilyn are internal memos from the FBI detailing the attorney general’s travels on that day. …from Illinois to Colorado.

News article placing Bobby Kennedy in Chicago and not with Marilyn.


Memo detailing Bobby’s travels.

Marilyn has been accused of phoning both the president and the attorney general incessantly from the night of the birthday gala  in May until her death in early August.  There are no calls to Washington appearing on her phone bills for the entire month of May. Her phone records do, however, show  calls to Washington, D.C. in the months of June and July 1962….exactly eight calls, that lasted a few minutes each, placed to the public line at the Attorney General’s office. Not the White House. Not either of the Kennedy’s private phone numbers. None to Massachusetts. Eight calls made to a public line, that Department of Justice staff could easily overhear.  At the time these calls were occurring, Marilyn was going through career troubles at Fox, having been fired and then entering negotiations to resume filming  Something’s Got To Give. Simultaneously, Robert Kennedy had a film in production at Fox Studios. Considering these calls not so coincidentally align with Marilyn’s meetings at the studio, could she perhaps have been calling Bobby to simply ask him to use a little of his clout to help her out with her negotiations? This is what Angie Novello, Bobby’s personal secretary, had to say about these phone calls:

And this brings us back to the letter to Marilyn from Jean Kennedy Smith calling her and Bobby an ”item”.  Most occasions where this letter is quoted conveniently leave out the first few sentences because they certainly cast doubt on any romantic relationship. Here’s what the note says in full:

“Dear Marilyn, Mother asked me to write you and thank you for your sweet note to Daddy-he really enjoyed it and you were very cute to send it. Understand that you and Bobby are the new item! We all think you should come with him when he comes back East! Thanks again for the note-Love, Jean Smith.”

The excised portions certainly put a completely different perspective on it, which explains why they’re excised… takes away from a possible scandal. The patriarch of the Kennedy clan, Joe Kennedy, had suffered a stroke and had to undergo months of physical therapy. More than likely, Marilyn had heard about his health issues from her close friend Pat Lawford and sent a get well note, as she was known to be very compassionate to anyone who was ailing. Although we don’t know the date Jean’s note was written, it could have been any time from February to June 1962. This is the time period that people severely lacking in credibility and the authors who believed them reported that there were affairs going on with one or both Kennedy brothers. However, no one can explain why the alleged mistress was being invited to family events (that the wives of both men would have attended), was writing cheerful notes to their father and being thanked for it by their mother and sister.  The reference to Marilyn and Bobby being an ”item” more than likely refers to them amusing dinner party guests by doing the twist at that first meeting back in February. However, these things tend to get overlooked because they don’t support the myths, which in turn doesn’t bring in high book sales or sky rocketing auction bids.

Perpetuating the myth of the Kennedy affair does a grave disservice to all the principals. Instead of John F. Kennedy being remembered as progressive President that symbolized the ideals of our country, he’s painted as a philanderer. Instead of Robert Kennedy being remembered as a brave advocate for civil rights and a doting father to his eleven children, he’s thought of as a cheater who picked up his brother’s discards. And poor Marilyn is the most maligned of all. Instead of being remembered as the sensitive, talented, courageous woman she was, she gets reduced to a caricature that is defined by who people think she may have slept with. By all accounts of those who actually knew them, Marilyn and Bobby were platonic friends with a great deal of respect for each other, and both were more interested in talking politics than anything else. Marilyn and the Kennedys both still have living family members. Imagine how hurtful it must be for them to constantly have to deal with slanderous rumors about their loved ones. Before spreading more rumors, or twisting something out of context in order to support those rumors, think for a moment about the fact that these are not just public figures but real people that are being distorted into something they were not.

Jean Kennedy Smith herself addressed the note when it was first on the auction block in 1994. She said in a statement printed in the New York Post

“The suggestion that the letter verifies an affair is utter nonsense.I am shocked anyone would believe such innuendo about a letter obviously written in jest.”

For more information on the alleged affair between Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy, please refer here:

-by Marijane Gray for Immortal Marilyn

55th Anniversary Memorial Week: August 1-5, 2017

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The countdown is on to the 2017 Memorial Week in Los Angeles, marking 55 years since Marilyn Monroe left us and honouring her memory.  Immortal Marilyn is working hard to bring fans several memorable events, and this is the page to visit to keep up on the latest!

Memorial Week takes place from August 1-5, 2017 and is a gathering of Marilyn fans from around the world.  Immortal Marilyn is proud to plan and sponsor a number of special events during this week once again!  Check out all the details and check back regularly for updates and news!


As it has been for many years, Immortal Marilyn’s “home base” will be the Hollywood Orchid Suites Hotel.  Walking distance from Hollywood Boulevard and attractions such as the Walk of Fame, Kodak Theatre, and Graumann’s Chinese Theatre, the Orchid is ideally located for a visit to Hollywood!  The hotel is taking reservations from IM members already – book soon, as it fills up fast.

There are a number of other hotels in the are fans can consider for their accommodations, especially as the Orchid fills up, including the famed Roosevelt Hotel, the Hollywood Celebrity Hotel which is in close proximity to the Orchid Suites, and the Magic Castle.

If you would like assistance with finding a roommate to share the costs of a hotel room, please feel free to contact us at

Memorial Week Events List

Immortal Marilyn is in the process of planning all of our events for Memorial Week.  Other events will be hosted by Marilyn Remembered, which has a schedule and details here.  Here is a schedule of events as they currently stand.

August 1, 2017

Marilyn’s Hollywood:  A Fact-Based Tour of Cinema’s Greatest Icon

In conjunction with the Marilyn Remembered Fan Club, join us for a guided tour of Los Angeles and Hollywood, lead by Elisa Jordan of LA Woman Tours.  You’ll learn about the people who helped shape Marilyn’s life and the places that inspired her. What you’ll see:

  • The orphanage where she dreamed of becoming a star
  • The former beauty salon where she first became a blonde
  • The restaurant where she met Yankee Slugger Joe DiMaggio on a blind date
  • The house (well, the gate anyway) where she passed into eternity.

The tour will start at 10:00 AM.  Marilyn’s Hollywood takes place in a comfortable mini coach. We will be getting out at various stops for photo opportunities, so remember to bring a camera.  Note:  Seating is limited, we recommend you purchase tickets as soon as possible.

To learn more about the tour and to reserve your seat, click here.

August 2, 2017

Immortal Marilyn Pool Party

Location: Avalon Hotel Beverly Hills (formerly the Beverly Carlton).




VIEWING OF MARILYN’S ROOM: 6-7 pm in small groups

Cost: $80 per person.

Details: The kick-off event for Memorial Week is IM’s traditional pool party!  This year we will gather around the pool at the Avalon Hotel where Marilyn herself lived in her starlet years and was frequently photographed.  This event will include a buffet-style meal and drink credit in the ticket price.  To make this day extra-special, attendees will have the opportunity to visit and take photographs inside Marilyn’s suite at the hotel, where her famous 1952 Life magazine cover was shot!  Although it’s not required, it’s traditional to attend the pool party in 1950s attire, and feel free to come in your 50s swimsuit for a dip in the hourglass shaped pool where Marilyn was photographed!  SOLD OUT, NO TICKETS AVAILABLE

A variety of fantastic raffle prizes are being gathered, and each attendee will receive ten raffle tickets as part of the ticket price.  Additional raffle tickets are available for purchase, priced as follows:

$1 each

7 for $5

15 for $10

30 for $20

Tickets will be sold at the pool party.  Cash only please.  Must be present to win!

August 3, 2017

Marilyn’s Hollywood Tour.  Hosted by Elisa Jordan of LA Woman Tours, a second tour will take place based on demand (tour requires minimum of 10 guests.  (See above for full information)  To learn more about the tour and to reserve your seat, click here.  SOLD OUT FOR THIS DATE.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes On The Big Screen.  Marilyn Remembered is hosting Gentlemen Prefer Blondes on the big screen at the famous TCL (Graumann’s) Chinese Theater in Hollywood.  Details and ticket pricing as follows, ticket can be purchased at Fandango.

6:00 PM – VIP Package Tour
7:00 PM – Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
9:00 PM Private Reception


$39.00: VIP Package
– Movie ticket, a large popcorn, a large drink
– Tour ticket
– Private reception with a glass of champagne
– A Marilyn souvenir

$10.00: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Showing Only

August 4, 2017

Santa Monica Beach Dinner and Sunset Toast.

Location: Mariasol Restaurant on the Santa Monica Pier

Time: 5:30 – 8:30 PM

Cost: $40

Details:  Join us for a private dinner in the Del Sol Room at Mariasol Restaurant, located over the water on the world-famous Santa Monica Pier with unparalleled views of the beach and the Pacific Ocean .  Ticket includes a buffet dinner, non-alcoholic beverages (a bar with private bartender will be available on an individual tab basis), and a sparkling wine toast at sunset, all hosted by the fabulous staff at Mariasol.  After dinner, join us as we go out to the beach put our feet in the sand where Marilyn once walked and raise a second glass to her memory on the eve of her passing.

Tickets can be purchased via Paypal at  Please email for information on purchasing by mail. TICKET SALES ARE CLOSED.

August 5th, 2017  

Memorial Service at Westwood Memorial Park.  The annual memorial service for Marilyn Monroe, held by Marilyn Remembered, will take place at 11 am in the chapel at Pierce Brothers Westwood Memorial Park. Inside seating for the service is fully reserved at this time, but attendees can still listen to the service from outside.

An Evening With Marilyn: A Special Charity Event at Hollygrove.  A charity event at Hollygrove, formerly the Los Angeles Orphan’s Home, hosted by Marilyn Remembered.  Details can be found here.  SOLD OUT.


LOVE OUR LOGOS???  Check out IM’s Memorial Week store at Red Bubble featuring all of Melody Lockard’s incredible designs and get your souvenir gear!

To keep up on the news, join the discussion, and enjoy the excitement of planning this amazing week of Marilyn events, please join us in our Memorial plans Facebook Group!



The Weekly Marilyn Roundup: September 23, 2016

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Hello Marilyn fans!  It’s Friday and time for a weekly roundup of all the news and things that got the Marilyn world talking this week!


Whoopi Goldberg kicks off the MANA New Jersey exhibit

Whoopi Goldberg looks as excited as any fan to see The Dress. (Photo credit Reena Rose Sibayan, The Jersey Journal)

First, the biggest news around is the opening of the Marilyn exhibit at MANA New Jersey.  The Marilyn: Character Not Image exhibit, curated by Whoopi Goldberg (who knew she was a fan?), focuses on more than just the public persona.  It includes several drawings, and private writings as well as the work of street photographer WeeGee (something of a you-love-it-or-you-hate-it-or-maybe-you’re-just-confused type of art) and Milton Greene.  Oh, and they have a certain dress on display as well.  Yeah, that dress!  Whoopi was on hand as the exhibit prepares to open to the public this Sunday, September 25th.  The dress is on tour before it goes on the auction block at Julien’s in November.  You can see the MANA exhibit until October 22, 2016 before it sets off for Ireland.



Also getting ready to kick off in another week is the exhibit in Amsterdam, celebrating Marilyn’s 90th birthday, which took place back in June.  That exhibit runs October 1, 2016  – February 5, 2017.  On hand for several events including as a guest speaker will be Marilyn tribute artist Memory Monroe (otherwise known as IM member Claudia!).  Can’t make it to Amsterdam?  A book on the exhibit from Ted Stampfer will also be released on October 1, 2016.  It’s listed on Amazon UK, but doesn’t show as currently available.  We’ll update you on that front.

The cover of Marilyn and Audrey: The Battle.

The cover of Marilyn and Audrey: The Battle.


In related news, another Dutch book: Marilyn and Audrey: The Battle will be released on October 1st as well.  The book is describe as fiction for children describing what two young girls learn as they study the lives of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.  We’re hoping the battle in question is either rhetorical or bad translation, as we would certainly never pit the two icons against each other.  Hopefully it does a good job of teaching children about the real Marilyn!



A Marilyn Monroe Symposium at the Australian Centre For the Moving Image has been announced and is set to take place on November 12th.  The guest speaker will be Lois Banner, author of MM Personal and The Passion and the Paradox.  Hopefully they’ll correct all of the photoshopped images they’re using for promotion since a few Marilyn fans have let them know.


We’re just going to leave you with this gorgeous shot of the Happy Birthday Mr. President dress on display in New Jersey.  Have a great weekend Marilyn fans!

Photo credit Reena Rose Sabajit

Photo credit Reena Rose Sibayan




The Happy Birthday Mr. President Dress Is Coming Up For Auction

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Better start that loan application, Marilyn fans.  The Julien’s auction set for this November just got another big ticket item – the big ticket item from the 1999 Christie’s auction.

The Jean Louis gown Marilyn wore to sing Happy Birthday to President Kennedy at Madison Square Garden in May of 1962 went for $1.26 million in 1999, and it’s coming up for auction again on November 17, 2016.  The Julien’s auction that includes the David Gainsborough-Roberts collection was announced months ago and has already exhibited in the U.K. has added more Marilyn items since, including items from Monroe Six member Frieda Hull.  Now the auction will also include one of the most famous gowns in history.

Happy Birthday Mr. President


If you’re like most fans and a multi-million dollar gown (Julien’s is estimating it will sell for $2-3 million) is out of the budget range, you can still see the dress in person.  It will be exhibited in Jersey City, New Jersey from Sept. 25 – Oct. 22 at MANA Contemporary and then in Ireland at the Museum of Style Icons from Oct. 29 – Nov. 6.  It will then be on display at Julien’s in Los Angeles from Nov. 11th through the auction weekend of Nov. 17-19.

If you do have some cash stashed away, maybe for a less pricey item in the sale – you can get details on the auction and how to bid on the Julien’s site.

Blonde is Fiction: Hollywood To Get It Wrong Again, This Time Through Netflix

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Many in the Marilyn community will have already heard that yet another movie based on Marilyn’s life is in the works – another adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates’ Blonde.  Already made as a miniseries in 2002, the book is now spawning a second version, this time at Netflix.

The biggest problem with Blonde is not that it’s completely inaccurate.  In fact, no one should expect it to be accurate.  Why?  Because it’s a novel – it’s fiction.  It was never presented as anything else by the publisher.  And yet…here we go again.  The world at large is assuming that it’s Marilyn’s true story, and that is the biggest problem with Blonde and its adaptations..  You’d think that with just a little research it would become obvious that it’s a fictional movie based on a fictional novel, but in the world of internet publishing, research and truth are, as usual, optional.

Case in point, this story over at Moviepilot that runs with the idea that perhaps Blonde will finally tell Marilyn’s true story.  Here’s another internet writer calling it a biopic.  And yet another one, again referring to it as a biopic.  A biopic is a biographical movie.  Blonde is not biographical; it’s fiction.  Did I say that already?  It bears repeating.

And really, it’s easy to see how people believe it’s a biography, even though Oates is a fiction writer and a well-known one at that.  A quick search for the book returns a load of Google images featuring covers of the book that show Marilyn’s image.  Although the original book cover doesn’t show Marilyn’s face and clearly states it’s a novel, things have gotten murkier in later editions.

The original cover for Blonde, stating "A Novel" clearly.

The original cover for Blonde, stating “A Novel” clearly.

Here’s the original cover, which shows what appears to be the back of Marilyn’s head during filming of The Seven Year Itch skirt scene, pretty recognizable to any fan.  However, it states “A Novel” in big letters.

From here, it gets less obvious that the book is fiction.  An updated cover moves “A Novel” into smaller letters and uses another familiar image of Marilyn, although her face is still not seen.

Then, multiple editions, particularly foreign ones, just give up entirely pretending it’s not about Marilyn.  The words “A Novel” are long gone and a wide variety of Marilyn images are used.  No wonder people think it’s a biography.





The words "A Novel" become smaller.

The words “A Novel” become smaller.

One of the most famous photos of Marilyn used here.

One of the most famous photos of Marilyn used here.

This one features a famous photo of Marilyn by Bert Stern.

This one features a famous photo of Marilyn by Bert Stern.


There’s plenty of fiction based on Marilyn’s life out there.  Love it or hate it, it’s Marilyn’s appeal that keeps writers interested in using her story to inspire their own work.  The big problem isn’t with the writing of fiction, but with the lack of effort put into making sure the public knows it’s fiction.

Marilyn’s fans already spend a great deal of their time educating people on the truth behind the tabloid nonsense that has been sold about Marilyn time and again.  It’s hard enough to respond to all the lies that have been told in actual biographies, never mind fiction.  But here we are again – Netflix is taking on a project that has been in the works for some time – previously with Naomi Watts attached to star, then Jessica Chastain, although no one knows who will take the role this time.  Once again, Marilyn’s story will be told wrong, and the public will take it at face value.

Is it too much to ask that a reputable biography be used to make a truthful biopic about Marilyn?  Apparently so.  Not only does the public prefer the sensational tabloid trash, they also apparently prefer straight-up fiction.

All we can do as Marilyn fans is spread the word – Blonde is fiction.  Please, oh internet writers, stop referring to it as a biopic.  It’s not a biopic.  It’s just a fictional movie based on someone’s imagination of a life like Marilyn’s.  Marilyn deserves better than to have her life story told as fiction, when no one yet has managed to tell her truth on the screen.


Marilyn Monroe: A Day In The Life – A New Book by April Vevea

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Our very own April Vevea has published a brand new book about no other than our dearest Marilyn.

We all know that Marilyn Monroe is an icon for millions around the world, young and old alike. But now there a comprehensive timeline is available for Marilyn’s life. This book will help you track the superstar’s path to icon status through her success and failure, her husbands and lovers, and the general ups and downs of everyday life.

You can purchase the book here. And don’t forget to check out April’s website too!