Valentine’s Day Flower 2016

Here are our beautiful flowers from us all! Don’t they look lovely there next to Marilyn’s crypt.  Our Gift of $155 to Animal Haven of NYC has been made. Thank you all so very much who helped make this possible in Marilyn’s honor, and the flowers too!


Contributions from:

Kati Iluk

Alberto Fernandez

Rudy and Diane Tisdale

Megan Owen

Charlotte Daborn

Brandi Wakeley

Suzie Kennedy

Lorraine Nicol

Camille Green

Azalea Rosas

Lucinda Burton

Trish Porcetto

Martine Franssens

Sirkku Aaltonen

Lisa, Craig, Fallon and Peyton

Svetlana Bochkarev

Barbara Re

Melissa Murphy

Deborah Bakker

Tina Garland

Joey Traughber

Donna Monroe Silver

Donna Shields

Johan Grimmius

Gianandrea Colombo

Jacqueline Mercer

Mary Sims