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Immortal Marilyn 55th Memorial Flowers

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Westwood Flower Gardens once again outdid themselves on our astonishingly gorgeous floral arrangement for the 55th anniversary of Marilyn’s passing.  Our beautiful flowers adorned the chapel during the memorial service before being brought out to Marilyn’s crypt.  We donated $400 to Animal Haven with the excess funds raised.

Thank you to all of our flower donors:

Andrée Felisatti

Christine McRae

Carolien Krijnen

Alberto Fernandez

Marisa Vanderpest

Shaney Evans

Mary Farver

Debra Stahl

Megan Owen

Dorina Barile

Nathalie Terhorst-Lensink

Treena Leonard

Sirkku Aaltonen

Heather and Sean Williams

Cora Morana

Marcelline Block

Melissa Murphy

Nancy Jones Cook

Barrie and Jackie Edlin

Lorraine Nicol

Eric Patry

Dionne Abraham

Barbara e Max Re

Leslie Kasperowicz

Johan Grimmius

Bruce Maki

Lisa Bates-Slone and Fallon Slone

Peter Lo

Sarah Draper

Donna Shields

Virginia Munro

Tina Garland

Deb Hoyle

Pavle Ivanov

Brandi Wakeley

Mary Sims

Paul Glazebrook

Gianandrea Colombo

Will Morann (William Green)

Deb Bakker

Edwin Bakker

Suzie Kennedy

Phillip Bradbury


55th Marilyn Memorial – August, 2017

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Fans gathered once again for a week of exciting events honouring the life of Marilyn Monroe.  Immortal Marilyn hosted two events, a pool party at the Avalon Hotel and a sunset dinner at Mariasol Restaurant on the world-famous Santa Monica Pier.  Other events included a tour of Marilyn homes and haunts  hosted by Elisa Jordan of LA Woman Tours, a VIP showing of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes at the Chinese Theater, the Memorial Service at Westwood Memorial Park, and An Evening with Marilyn at Hollygrove, hosted by Marilyn Remembered, and a trip to the Del Coronado arranged by Jim Parson.

We want to thank everyone who made Memorial Week a success, and share a few photos from the events!

Avalon Hotel Pool Party.  August 2, 2017

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes at the Chinese Theater, hosting by Marilyn Remembered.  August 3, 2017

Santa Monica Sunset Dinner & Toast, August 4th

Memorial Service, August 5th 2017, hosted by Marilyn Remembered

An Evening With Marilyn at Hollygrove, august 5th, 2017, hosted by Marilyn Remembered

Tours, Hollywood, Friends Hanging Out Together!

The 55th Memorial For Marilyn Monroe – Thanks to Our Sponsors and Donors!!!

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The 55th Memorial for Marilyn Monroe is in the books, and we here at IM have a lot of thanks to give.  IM hosted two fun events that we could not have managed on our own.  Many people gave of their time, money, and Marilyn collections to make our raffles, door prizes, and general atmosphere a success.


We’d like to specifically thank:

Melody Lockard for her astonishingly beautiful logos created just for our events.  Buy our logo merchandise here.

Tracie Finite for her graphic design help creating the Pool Party Beverly Carlton key tags, check out her website here.

Holly Beavon for her help with arranging prizes, providing an audio system to the Pool Party, singing our Happy Birthday tribute, and generally being awesome!  Visit Holly’s website here.

Jill Adams for allowing us to store mountains of items at her home and delivering them to us at the Avalon for our events!

Gary and Oscar Vitacco-Robles (buy Gary’s books here) for their invaluable assistance in setting up for the pool party, and everyone else who pitched in to get us ready!


Cash Donations were offered by:

David Marshall

Shaney Evans

American Icon/American Rehab Campuses


Raffle and Door Prizes were gratefully received from:

Gary and Oscar Vitacco-Robles

Carolien Krijnen

Michelle Morgan

The Shaw Family

Tom Kelley, Jr.

Douglas Kirkland

Boze Hadleigh

Flatiron Books

David Wills

Eric Woodard

Richard Hanna

Tina Garland

Susan Bernard

Nathalie Terhorst-Lensink

Joshua Greene

Heather and Sean Williams

Melinda Mason

Debra Holden

Colin Glassborow

Emily Finch

Jill Adams

Marcelline Block

Eiji Aoki

Suzanne Sumner-Ferry

Mary Sims

Leslie Kasperowicz


More special thanks to our awesome venues and their staff:

The Avalon Hotel Beverly Hills

Mariasol Restaurant

The Orchid Suites Hotel



2017 Birthday Flowers

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IM’s beautiful birthday flowers for Marilyn were delivered and are gorgeous as ever!  We raised $300 to donate to Animal Haven.

Thank you to our LA Rep Holly Beavon for printing the birthday card and getting us these photos at her crypt. A big thank you too to Kyla for creating the beautiful birthday card. And last but not least, thank you to all who contributed to making this happen!

Mary Farver
Paul Glazebrook
Megan Owen
Rudy and Diane Tisdale
Alberto Fernandez
Sirkku Aaltonen
Suzie Kennedy
Kayla Knight
Andrée Felisatti
Deborah Bakker
Edwin Bakker
Brianna Coben
Cora Morana
Ilona Grasberg
Christine McRae
Nancy Jones Cook
Melissa Murphy
Eric Patry
Leslie Kasperowicz
Lorraine Nicol
Siobhan O’Brien
Donna Silver
Brandi Wakeley & Victoria Boyd
Dorina Barile
Donna Shields
Sarah Draper
Johan Grimmius
Lisa Bates-Slone, Fallon Slone and Sheree
Joey Traughber
Marisa Monroe
Jennifer Duncan
Carolien Krijnen
Deb Hoyle
Mary Sims

55th Anniversary Memorial Week: August 1-5, 2017

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The countdown is on to the 2017 Memorial Week in Los Angeles, marking 55 years since Marilyn Monroe left us and honouring her memory.  Immortal Marilyn is working hard to bring fans several memorable events, and this is the page to visit to keep up on the latest!

Memorial Week takes place from August 1-5, 2017 and is a gathering of Marilyn fans from around the world.  Immortal Marilyn is proud to plan and sponsor a number of special events during this week once again!  Check out all the details and check back regularly for updates and news!


As it has been for many years, Immortal Marilyn’s “home base” will be the Hollywood Orchid Suites Hotel.  Walking distance from Hollywood Boulevard and attractions such as the Walk of Fame, Kodak Theatre, and Graumann’s Chinese Theatre, the Orchid is ideally located for a visit to Hollywood!  The hotel is taking reservations from IM members already – book soon, as it fills up fast.

There are a number of other hotels in the are fans can consider for their accommodations, especially as the Orchid fills up, including the famed Roosevelt Hotel, the Hollywood Celebrity Hotel which is in close proximity to the Orchid Suites, and the Magic Castle.

If you would like assistance with finding a roommate to share the costs of a hotel room, please feel free to contact us at

Memorial Week Events List

Immortal Marilyn is in the process of planning all of our events for Memorial Week.  Other events will be hosted by Marilyn Remembered, which has a schedule and details here.  Here is a schedule of events as they currently stand.

August 1, 2017

Marilyn’s Hollywood:  A Fact-Based Tour of Cinema’s Greatest Icon

In conjunction with the Marilyn Remembered Fan Club, join us for a guided tour of Los Angeles and Hollywood, lead by Elisa Jordan of LA Woman Tours.  You’ll learn about the people who helped shape Marilyn’s life and the places that inspired her. What you’ll see:

  • The orphanage where she dreamed of becoming a star
  • The former beauty salon where she first became a blonde
  • The restaurant where she met Yankee Slugger Joe DiMaggio on a blind date
  • The house (well, the gate anyway) where she passed into eternity.

The tour will start at 10:00 AM.  Marilyn’s Hollywood takes place in a comfortable mini coach. We will be getting out at various stops for photo opportunities, so remember to bring a camera.  Note:  Seating is limited, we recommend you purchase tickets as soon as possible.

To learn more about the tour and to reserve your seat, click here.

August 2, 2017

Immortal Marilyn Pool Party

Location: Avalon Hotel Beverly Hills (formerly the Beverly Carlton).




VIEWING OF MARILYN’S ROOM: 6-7 pm in small groups

Cost: $80 per person.

Details: The kick-off event for Memorial Week is IM’s traditional pool party!  This year we will gather around the pool at the Avalon Hotel where Marilyn herself lived in her starlet years and was frequently photographed.  This event will include a buffet-style meal and drink credit in the ticket price.  To make this day extra-special, attendees will have the opportunity to visit and take photographs inside Marilyn’s suite at the hotel, where her famous 1952 Life magazine cover was shot!  Although it’s not required, it’s traditional to attend the pool party in 1950s attire, and feel free to come in your 50s swimsuit for a dip in the hourglass shaped pool where Marilyn was photographed!  SOLD OUT, NO TICKETS AVAILABLE

A variety of fantastic raffle prizes are being gathered, and each attendee will receive ten raffle tickets as part of the ticket price.  Additional raffle tickets are available for purchase, priced as follows:

$1 each

7 for $5

15 for $10

30 for $20

Tickets will be sold at the pool party.  Cash only please.  Must be present to win!

August 3, 2017

Marilyn’s Hollywood Tour.  Hosted by Elisa Jordan of LA Woman Tours, a second tour will take place based on demand (tour requires minimum of 10 guests.  (See above for full information)  To learn more about the tour and to reserve your seat, click here.  SOLD OUT FOR THIS DATE.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes On The Big Screen.  Marilyn Remembered is hosting Gentlemen Prefer Blondes on the big screen at the famous TCL (Graumann’s) Chinese Theater in Hollywood.  Details and ticket pricing as follows, ticket can be purchased at Fandango.

6:00 PM – VIP Package Tour
7:00 PM – Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
9:00 PM Private Reception


$39.00: VIP Package
– Movie ticket, a large popcorn, a large drink
– Tour ticket
– Private reception with a glass of champagne
– A Marilyn souvenir

$10.00: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Showing Only

August 4, 2017

Santa Monica Beach Dinner and Sunset Toast.

Location: Mariasol Restaurant on the Santa Monica Pier

Time: 5:30 – 8:30 PM

Cost: $40

Details:  Join us for a private dinner in the Del Sol Room at Mariasol Restaurant, located over the water on the world-famous Santa Monica Pier with unparalleled views of the beach and the Pacific Ocean .  Ticket includes a buffet dinner, non-alcoholic beverages (a bar with private bartender will be available on an individual tab basis), and a sparkling wine toast at sunset, all hosted by the fabulous staff at Mariasol.  After dinner, join us as we go out to the beach put our feet in the sand where Marilyn once walked and raise a second glass to her memory on the eve of her passing.

Tickets can be purchased via Paypal at  Please email for information on purchasing by mail. TICKET SALES ARE CLOSED.

August 5th, 2017  

Memorial Service at Westwood Memorial Park.  The annual memorial service for Marilyn Monroe, held by Marilyn Remembered, will take place at 11 am in the chapel at Pierce Brothers Westwood Memorial Park. Inside seating for the service is fully reserved at this time, but attendees can still listen to the service from outside.

An Evening With Marilyn: A Special Charity Event at Hollygrove.  A charity event at Hollygrove, formerly the Los Angeles Orphan’s Home, hosted by Marilyn Remembered.  Details can be found here.  SOLD OUT.


LOVE OUR LOGOS???  Check out IM’s Memorial Week store at Red Bubble featuring all of Melody Lockard’s incredible designs and get your souvenir gear!

To keep up on the news, join the discussion, and enjoy the excitement of planning this amazing week of Marilyn events, please join us in our Memorial plans Facebook Group!



2016 Memorial & Flowers

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The flowers are so beautiful aren’t they? We are overjoyed to have raised $315 for Animal Haven. Immortal Marilyn thanks each of you who helped make these flowers for her possible from the bottom of our hearts. You choose them and they could not be prettier!

Marilyn Remembered held a wonderful and touching memorial service for Marilyn celebrating her life and career. It was also lovely to see all of the Immortal Marilyn Facebook group and Marilyn fans offer tributes to Marilyn. She is looking down on you all and smiling at all the love you give her.

A big thank you to our LA Rep, for getting the photos for us. Also, thank you to Ashlee for the creating the beautiful card.

Thank you all who support IM, care about IM, and made this possible for the one woman we all love and honor.

Another big thank you to those who donated:

  • Lucinda
  • Suzie
  • Megan Monroe
  • Kati.
  • Sirkku from Finland
  • Grant Discombe
  • Nia
  • David Marshall
  • Deb Hoyle
  • Brandi Wakeley
  • Barrie Eldin
  • Eric Patry
  • Debra Stahl
  • Lea McNary-Childress
  • Melissa Murphy
  • Martine Franssens
  • Kristie & Lora
  • Dorina Barile
  • Marilyn Remembered Fan Club
  • Mary Farver
  • Elena
  • Donna Shields
  • Nancy Cook
  • Johan Grimmius
  • Donna Monroe Silver
  • Barbara Re.
  • Jennifer Duncan
  • Gianandrea Colombo
  • Marcelline Block
  • Dawn Jones xx
  • Robert Sluzis
  • Veronica McCoy
  • Lola Ramone
  • Betsy Brett