Flowers for Marilyn

2017 Birthday Flowers

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IM’s beautiful birthday flowers for Marilyn were delivered and are gorgeous as ever!  We raised $300 to donate to Animal Haven.

Thank you to our LA Rep Holly Beavon for printing the birthday card and getting us these photos at her crypt. A big thank you too to Kyla for creating the beautiful birthday card. And last but not least, thank you to all who contributed to making this happen!

Mary Farver
Paul Glazebrook
Megan Owen
Rudy and Diane Tisdale
Alberto Fernandez
Sirkku Aaltonen
Suzie Kennedy
Kayla Knight
Andrée Felisatti
Deborah Bakker
Edwin Bakker
Brianna Coben
Cora Morana
Ilona Grasberg
Christine McRae
Nancy Jones Cook
Melissa Murphy
Eric Patry
Leslie Kasperowicz
Lorraine Nicol
Siobhan O’Brien
Donna Silver
Brandi Wakeley & Victoria Boyd
Dorina Barile
Donna Shields
Sarah Draper
Johan Grimmius
Lisa Bates-Slone, Fallon Slone and Sheree
Joey Traughber
Marisa Monroe
Jennifer Duncan
Carolien Krijnen
Deb Hoyle
Mary Sims

2016 Memorial & Flowers

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The flowers are so beautiful aren’t they? We are overjoyed to have raised $315 for Animal Haven. Immortal Marilyn thanks each of you who helped make these flowers for her possible from the bottom of our hearts. You choose them and they could not be prettier!

Marilyn Remembered held a wonderful and touching memorial service for Marilyn celebrating her life and career. It was also lovely to see all of the Immortal Marilyn Facebook group and Marilyn fans offer tributes to Marilyn. She is looking down on you all and smiling at all the love you give her.

A big thank you to our LA Rep, for getting the photos for us. Also, thank you to Ashlee for the creating the beautiful card.

Thank you all who support IM, care about IM, and made this possible for the one woman we all love and honor.

Another big thank you to those who donated:

  • Lucinda
  • Suzie
  • Megan Monroe
  • Kati.
  • Sirkku from Finland
  • Grant Discombe
  • Nia
  • David Marshall
  • Deb Hoyle
  • Brandi Wakeley
  • Barrie Eldin
  • Eric Patry
  • Debra Stahl
  • Lea McNary-Childress
  • Melissa Murphy
  • Martine Franssens
  • Kristie & Lora
  • Dorina Barile
  • Marilyn Remembered Fan Club
  • Mary Farver
  • Elena
  • Donna Shields
  • Nancy Cook
  • Johan Grimmius
  • Donna Monroe Silver
  • Barbara Re.
  • Jennifer Duncan
  • Gianandrea Colombo
  • Marcelline Block
  • Dawn Jones xx
  • Robert Sluzis
  • Veronica McCoy
  • Lola Ramone
  • Betsy Brett

Birthday Flowers 2016

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Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 11.13.44 AM

Last year we did the white daisy with delphinium and everyone really liked them. So this year I thought staying with the same idea, with daisies in color and delphinium again (said to be Marilyn’s favorite flower) would be wonderful. I hope you all agree!

Thank you to each and every one of you who contributed to making Marilyn’s 90th birthday flowers and a $550 gift to Animal Haven possible.

  • Rudy and Diane Tisdale
  • Alberto Fernandez
  • Mary Sims
  • Mary Farver
  • Bruce Maki
  • Ashlee Davies
  • Alice Frangos
  • Club Passion Marilyn, Christine Mas
  • Lucinda Burton
  • Lorraine Nicol
  • Suzie Kennedy
  • Kristie & Lora Scott
  • Sirkku Aaltonen
  • Charlotte Daborn
  • Brandi Wakeley
  • Grant Discombe
  • Melissa Campo
  • Pedro Alcalde Jr
  • George Lane
  • Ana Janet
  • Cora Morano
  • Lea McNary Childress
  • Megan Monroe
  • Nancy Jones Cook
  • Melissa Murphy
  • Leslie Kasperowicz
  • Sami Bobowski
  • Vanessa Roden
  • Marisa Vanderpest
  • Gina Gugliuzza Scott
  • Kati Iluk
  • Johan Grimmius
  • Camille Green
  • Deborah Bakker
  • Shaney Evans
  • Eric Patry
  • Rico Vorpagel
  • Donna Monroe Silver
  • Dionne Abraham
  • Donna Shields
  • Shana Cannavaro
  • Sandy Fitzsimons
  • Jackie Craig
  • Nathalie Terhorst-Lensink
  • Veronica McCoy
  • Tina Garland
  • Billy Krzemien
  • Peter Lo
  • Lisa Pridemore and Fallon Slone
  • Gianandrea Colombo
  • Emily Louise Finch
  • Andrea Lee-Kelsey Winkler
  • Dawn Jones
  • Marco van der Munnik
  • Debra Holden
  • Claudia Memory Monroe
  • Marcelline Block
  • Deb Hoyle

Thank you too to Ashlee Davis for creating the beautiful birthday card for us.

Valentine’s Day Flower 2016

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Here are our beautiful flowers from us all! Don’t they look lovely there next to Marilyn’s crypt.  Our Gift of $155 to Animal Haven of NYC has been made. Thank you all so very much who helped make this possible in Marilyn’s honor, and the flowers too!

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Flowers Valentines Day 2015

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She is still our favorite Valentine! Thank you to each person who helped make the beautiful flowers, the card, and the donation of $150 to Animal Haven of NYC in Marilyn’s honor possible.