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Fraser with his extensive library of
Marilyn Monroe books
Jan/Feb 2015

Icon: The Life, Times and
Films of Marilyn Monroe
Vol's 1 & 2
Gary Vitacco-Robles
March/April 2015

Fan Phenomena
Edited by
Marcelline Block
Holding a Good Thought for Marilyn:
1926-1954 The Hollywood Years
Stacy Eubank
Paperback: 562 pages
Publisher: Holding a Good Thought for Marilyn (March 7, 2015)
ISBN-10: 0615715516 ISBN-13: 978-0615715513
This is another exceptional biography on Marilyn, and like my last assessment of the Icon books, this is part one of a two volume
set. This volume has been 15 years in the making so may be a while before we see Volume 2. The concept is one I like, based on
meticulous research from magazines and newspaper articles about her life up until 1954 as seen through the media and her
own observations. With interviews from her colleagues and acquaintances giving the book and insightful, personal feel.
There's a lot of information here and anecdotes often overlooked so no detail has been spared in the writing of this book. It's
packed with solid information and interesting tit-bits.
The book has an individual charm, with Stacy's own sketches of Marilyn's transition from child to adult, from Norma Jeane to
Marilyn, showing a real flair for art as well as writing.
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January/February 2014

The Films of Marilyn Monroe
Conway and Ricci
March/April 2014

Marilyn Monroe: Her Life in Pictures
James Spada with George Zeno
May/June 2014

Marilyn The Star and Her Music
Michael Heatley (Gift book & CD)
July/August 2014

Marilyn Monroe - A Celebration of
the Most Iconic Woman from
Hollywood's Golden Era
Gabrielle Mander
September/October 2014

Casting Norma Jeane
James Claeg
November/December 2014

The Loves of Marilyn Monroe
J.I. Baker
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