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Fraser with his extensive library of
Marilyn Monroe books
Jan/Feb 2013

Marilyn: An Untold Story
Norma Rosten
March/April 2013

Marilyn Monroe:
A Photographic History of her
Iconic Life
Marie Clayton
May/June 2013

They Knew Marilyn Monroe
Famous Persons in the Life of a
Hollywood Icon
Les Harding
July/August 2013

Marilyn Monroe:
A Life of an Actress
Carl Rollyson, Jr.
September/October 2013

Marilyn An Illustrated History
Sandra Forty
November/December 2013

Marilyn Her Life in Pictures
Martin Howard
Casting Norma Jeane:
A Starlet Transformed Into Marilyn Monroe
James Claeg

September/October 2014 Review
Paperback: 246 pages
Publisher: The Woodbine Press (12 July 2012)
ISBN-10: 0615612067
ISBN-13: 978-0615612065
"She started out with less than any girl I ever knew," so recalled Hollywood modeling agent Emmeline Snively of her client
Norma Jeane Dougherty at the age of 19. "But she worked the hardest. She wanted to learn. She wanted to be somebody more
than anybody I ever saw before in my life."

This book focuses on the late summer of 1946 when Norma Jeane Dougherty became Marilyn Monroe. It's a story that's often
been told but here we see it through the eyes of all but a select few insiders.

Providing a dramatic approach to a factual commentary drawn from a variety of sources, Glaeg paints a portrait of Norma
Jeane as a girl with starry-eyed ambition. From her nearly disastrous screen test, she’s shepherded toward fame by a bevy of
handlers, including the makeup artist Whitey Snyder, who transforms her face and the executive Ben Lyon, who bestows her
legendary new name. Before she’s famous, however, Norma Jeane faces  her own family’s disapproval—save for a few
supportive aunts—over her chosen career. The narrative describes the three women who raised her, even as her own mother
disappeared into a mental institution. Far from being merely the "blonde of the day," Norma Jeane ultimately proves herself
worthy of Hollywood stardom, with a mixture of radiant inner beauty and the keen ability to adapt to the role. The
transformation is marked by a paradox: She’s simultaneously a fabrication and an honest soul. The author makes no direct
comments on the emotional and psychological toll of such a transformation, but the reader observes her divorce, her mother’
s disapproval and the relationship between Norma Jeane and her half sister, Berniece Miracle.

Fans will appreciate this modest look at how a star is born and the transformation of this "pretty but plain" starlet, that was to
become the most photographed, most talked about, and most written about woman of the 20th Century.
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January/February 2014

The Films of Marilyn Monroe
Conway and Ricci
March/April 2014

Marilyn Monroe: Her Life in Pictures
James Spada with George Zeno
May/June 2014

Marilyn The Star and Her Music
Michael Heatley (Gift book & CD)
July/August 2014

Marilyn Monroe - A Celebration of
the Most Iconic Woman from
Hollywood's Golden Era
Gabrielle Mander
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