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Fraser with his extensive library of
Marilyn Monroe books
Jan/Feb 2013

Marilyn: An Untold Story
Norma Rosten
March/April 2013

Marilyn Monroe:
A Photographic History of her
Iconic Life
Marie Clayton
May/June 2013

They Knew Marilyn Monroe
Famous Persons in the Life of a
Hollywood Icon
Les Harding
July/August 2013

Marilyn Monroe:
A Life of an Actress
Carl Rollyson, Jr.
September/October 2013

Marilyn An Illustrated History
Sandra Forty
November/December 2013

Marilyn Her Life in Pictures
Martin Howard
The Loves Of Marilyn Monroe
J.I. Baker

November/December 2014 Review
Hardcover: 112 pages
Publisher: Time Home Entertainment Inc
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1618931253
ISBN-13: 978-1618931252
This is the second book published by Life to examine the life and times of Marilyn Monroe. It was originally published as a
magazine special and now we have it presented as a hardback book. One thing you notice is it's even smaller than the
magazine in size. In recent times Life has produced books on The Beatles and The Rolling Stones which have been of large size
with picture essays, like the original books they published over the years like 'Life Goes To The Movies', for example. Why
they haven't thought to do this for their Marilyn books I do not know. When you consider how full their archives must be and
how they have been writing pieces on her and the fact she has been a feature in their magazine since 1949.
Here we have an attempt to write about the 'loves' in her life. While her three husbands are featured, Dougherty, DiMaggio
and Miller, and some other loves that didn't work out so well, Fred Karger and Yves Montand for example, they've totally
skipped the relationship with Elia Kazan which would have added to the book more than the addition of Robert Slatzer, who
forged an alliance with Marilyn for his own personal gain --- to see him among the loves is a major flaw in the book, along
with the Kennedy brothers.
The Kennedy's were not a major part of Marilyn's life like Montand or Karger were and yet her association with them goes
beyond any significant relationship she had with any other men because writers seem determined to infuse the two.
These rumours were started by left wing writer Frank A. Capell in the 1960's as an attempt to defame Bobby Kennedy's
reputation and therefore damage his career by linking him to Marilyn's death. On Kennedy's death the political agenda
stopped but by that time other writers began to pick up the story and it became blown out of all proportion by the likes of Fred
Lawrence Guiles, Norman Mailer, Robert Slatzer, W.J. Weatherby, Anthony Summers, Donald H. Woolf and countless others
--- and in time it's Marilyn Monroe's reputation that has been at the mercy of these writers as they continue to penetrate the
media which has a hunger for gossip about her and the 'other' men in her life, which is often sleazy. So here we have the basic
idea for the book.
For Life magazine, who always wrote about Marilyn in a positive light, who she gave her last interview to in the weeks before
her death and who pleaded with them 'please do not make me a joke' --- we have a book that tries to piece together the
fragments of her love life, the fact and the fiction. I expected more of the truth.
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January/February 2014

The Films of Marilyn Monroe
Conway and Ricci
March/April 2014

Marilyn Monroe: Her Life in Pictures
James Spada with George Zeno
May/June 2014

Marilyn The Star and Her Music
Michael Heatley (Gift book & CD)
July/August 2014

Marilyn Monroe - A Celebration of
the Most Iconic Woman from
Hollywood's Golden Era
Gabrielle Mander
September/October 2014

Casting Norma Jeane
James Claeg
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