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Mary Sims

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Lorraine  Trevena

Carolien Krijnen

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Suzie Kennedy

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Ali Mar'ee and Espi Jean

Claudia  Kooij (Memory Monroe)
Christmas 2013

The lovely card and flowers were given to Marilyn this Christmas. Above the cost of the flowers an extra $225 was also raised. This money will
go to the Leukaemia Foundation of Queensland in remembrance of Ross McNaughton and Marilyn.
All  thanks go to Marilyn's wonderful and generous fans at Immortal Marilyn for making it possible.

August 5th, 2013 - 51st Memorial

Beautiful flowers were placed at Marilyn's crypt, and $440 raised for the Leukaemia Foundation of
Queensland, given in honor of Ross McNaughton and Marilyn.
Thank you to Jackie Craig for overseeing the placement of the flowers, Scott Fortner also for assisting, and
to Ashlee Davis for creating  this beautiful card on behalf of all who contributed to buying the breathtaking
flowers for Marilyn.
Happy Birthday Marilyn - June 1, 2013

Immortal Marilyn's fan base had a huge fund raiser to raise funds for a marker for Ross McNaughton at
Westwood Cemetery. After the cost of that, $3445.00 remained and was donated to the Leukaemia Foundation
of Queensland in memory of Ross McNaughton and Marilyn Monroe.
Valentine's Day 2013

Immortal Marilyn is so grateful to all who made our Valentine's Day for Marilyn and Animal Haven of NYC
Marilyn's crypt, made possible by her beloved fans.a great success. $265 was raised for Animal Haven, and
this incredibly beautiful heart wreath was placed at
Christmas 2012
This beautiful Christmas wreath and card was placed at her crypt, and $560.00 was raised for Animal Haven.
Thank you Jackie Craig  for the photos and Melody Lockard for designing the card.
Card images by Milton Greene.
Another year comes to an end, and Immortal Marilyn can say we had a very good year. Four times we graced
Marilyn's crypt with beautiful flowers and cards filled with our abiding love for her. We also through our love
for Marilyn helped Animal Haven of New York City with donations totalling $2,636.00!
Bravo to Marilyn's wonderfully generous fans, they are the best!
August 5, 2012
50th Anniversary Memorial

This August marked the fiftieth anniversary of the passing of our Marilyn. So the flowers given Marilyn
had to be above and beyond anything we had placed at her crypt before. And they were. Westwood
Garden Florists delivered just a breathtakingly beautiful arrangement in Immortal Marilyn's name to the
Chapel. An assortment of nearly all white flowers with just a touch of pink.
In addition, $700.00 was raised for Animal Haven of NYC, making this our largest one time donation ever
to a charity.
Bravo, fans! It was you who made this possible.

Click here to see more of the Memorial Service

June 1, 2012
Happy 86th Birthday to our Marilyn!
Flowers were delivered to Marilyn's crypt bought and paid for by her fans, and $311 was raised for Animal Haven of NYC!
Thank you to all who helped make this possible.
Flowers were delivered to Marilyn's crypt bought and paid for by her fans. Plus
$165 was raised for Animal Haven of NYC!
Thank you to all who helped make this possible.
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